AAIQ   The Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Québec

Subcutaneous immunotherapy

Introduced over 100 years ago, immunotherapy remains a valuable therapeutic option in the treatment of respiratory allergies (rhinitis, with or without asthma, caused by inhalants: pollens, dust mites, cats and cockroaches). Its scientific rationale and proof of efficacy have been well established.

Evidence also exists supporting the role of immunotherapy in both the prevention of the appearance of new sensitivities and the progression of rhinitis towards asthma. It is also a proven modality for the treatment of allergies to hymenoptera venom (bees and wasps). Its limitations have always been associated with security and the inconvenience of administration.

Do you give immunotherapy regularly in your clinic? Are your patients looking for a comprehensive therapy for their seasonal allergies, for allergic asthma, or a systemic allergy to venom?

Here is the Québéc consensus statement on subcutaneous immunotherapy for the treatment of these allergies (published 09/2010, French version).